At SPC, we make software organizations more productive by improving, effectiveness, efficiency and Business Results. We are experts in making the software process work better and have a proven approach to improvement that’s practical and generates longstanding results.
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SPC has a proven track record of providing its clients with valuable business results; Delivering Product On-Time and On-Budget, Improving Practices to Deliver Better Quality IT Projects, and Delivering Product On-Time with Less Resources. We deliver targeted improvements through Consulting Services, Training, and Advisory Services. We customize the mix of these services for the particular needs of our clients ensuring the practical path forward and right fit with objectives and desired business outcomes. | Services

Everyday, SPC works with software leaders to realize the full business potential of their development teams and practices. We do this through our core service offering:

  • Consulting Services: identifying the root cause of problems, recommending corrective action
  • Training: improving the knowledge and capabilities of your people
  • Advisory Services: optimizing performance and supporting decision making for continuous improvement

We are able to customize the mix of these services for the particular needs of our clients ensuring the practical path forward and right fit. If your development organization can benefit from improved product quality, increased speed to market, enhanced team performance and lower project costs, SPC can work with you to make this happen.

Consulting services- identifying root causes

You need honest, impartial advice and answers to your thorniest problems. When to change? What to fix? How much to tackle? What you require is a trusted advisor you can turn to when questions outnumber answers.

Customers trust SPC consulting services to provide this clarity. We deliver practical and innovative solutions to clients' challenges and align them with operational and business goals. Our competencies include software requirements development and management, estimation and project planning, agile development and Scrum, and process change and adoption. Our experience and insights can enable you to improve your development agility and flexibility.

SPC experts and consultants strive to understand your situation, your needs, and desires. They've walked in your shoes before and have a deep range of experience to meet your challenges. Throughout the entire process, they listen to what you're saying and what you need. Look to them to bring you organizational improvements and business effectiveness. We can diagnose the root cause of problems and recommend corrective action for challenges like;

  • We can no longer rely on the practices that made us successful.
  • We need to improve our Time-To-Market (TTM) delivery.
  • How can I optimize the performance of our Scrum teams.
  • We need to get more done with the same or less resources than today.
  • We have a quality problem with our schedules and estimates.
  • We can't seem to get anything done on time.
  • We question if we are building the right thing, or what the market needs.

Contact SPC to see how our consulting services can deliver lasting positive change for your development organization.

Training - Improving capabilities of your people

SPC training organization, SPC Springboard offers workshops specifically developed to meet the unique and rapidly changing requirements of the IT and software industry. Targeted at improving software development techniques and practices, enhancing program and design activities, building stronger project management, and leadership & team skills. View the SPC Springboard course catalogue.

Delivered by some of the best known and most accomplished experts in the industry, our hands-on approach enables participants to take advantage of peer learning opportunities in addition to instructor-lead discussion. Course content focuses on real-world problems and solutions so that our participants can put their new found knowledge to use right away. View the SPC Springboard schedule.

Most of SPC Springboard's open-enrollment courses can be delivered on-site. We favour a 'Learn Once' Model where the course is integrated with actual project work. Meaning your people immediately apply new skills to work at hand, and they don't learn by trial-and-error afterwards. Overall it's an ideal solution for organizations wanting direct access to our experts, more customized course content and a tailored delivery approach. An on-site course could save 40-60% over an open-enrolment class and we have special programs for groups as few as 6 people. Read more about on-site seminars.

Learn from the experts! Contact SPC about our skills development training.

Advisory services - optimize performance, support decision making

Once you've implemented your change initiative, you want to know that you're not alone. To much is at stake to leave it to "trial-and-error". We can stand behind you making sure you correctly apply newly acquired knowledge and approaches in an optimal manner. Our experts and consultants are seasoned, hands-on professionals who work with your organization to ensure you wont fail through newly learned skills.

We know the constant pressure department heads and executives face. There is a never ending requirement to deliver better business results. SPC's top experts are there to deliver executive support, offering advice & insight, serving as a trusted advisor on top-level challenges. Supporting you as key decisions have to be taken.

As skilled resources to your team, our experts and consultants impart their experience and contribute to the output of your organization by:

  • Trusted advice and decision support – offering valuable insight on best practices, leading trends and custom solutions applicable to your specific environment, so that you can make the most informed decisions and reap the benefits of good and timely decisions.
  • Risk mitigation – making the wrong technology or methodology decision can have severe financial and operational impact. SPC experts can help you avoid common and costly mistakes.
  • Mentoring key staff and projects to ensure new processes and techniques are properly applied in the context of your business
  • Coaching your teams and their customers so they have clearly shared and understood objectives and expectations
  • Collaborating with your team to produce deliverables that are good enough for the purpose intended

Contact us to learn more about SPC Advisory Services.

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